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Dear ACC,

Small Groups are here! We are grateful for the leaders who have volunteered to lead the Small groups and to the many ACC members who filled out the newcomers' survey to help us organize and prepare Small Groups offerings for our community!

Basic Information:

  • Small groups are offered on different days of the week and will meet at different frequencies (i.e. monthly, twice a month, weekly)
  • Most groups are gender-specific but that can be reconsidered via the leader and members
  • We tried to be as inclusive and accommodating as possible to our community members
  • If no group day/frequency/gender fits your schedule, you are encouraged to create a group that does! (Please speak with Pastor Jonah)
  • This season of Small Groups will run from February through June

To see the Small Group offerings and to sign up please follow this link:

To sign up:
1) Click the meeting day that works for you
2) Right click (Ctrl+Alt+M) and select "Comment"
3) Type your name / email address / mobile number
4) The leader will contact you and confirm

Let's pray for our small groups!

Christ's peace,

Pastor Jonah