• College Summer Gatherings

    If you are a college student, please look forward to college gatherings taking place June through August! For more info, please contact Cynthia Lee.

  • Watch for your Realm Invitation!

    ACC is bringing easier ways to connect with the church and others through Realm! Keep in touch with all ACC events, find groups and other members for quick and easy communication and even automate your giving done all through the web or with the free Realm Connect app.

  • Text to Give!

    We’re happy to announce that you can now text your tithes and gifts! No accounts or logins needed. Just text “ACCNJ” to 73256 with the amount you’d like to contribute (ex. ACCNJ 50).

  • eGiving Transition

    For those who have been using Fellowship One for scheduled giving, we’ll be transitioning to Realm for all our eGiving for members and visitors. Though Venmo isn’t going away, Realm will be our as our preferred eGiving platform going forward.

  • College Ministry Covenant Groups

    The college ministry is leading monthly Covenant Groups (small groups) in NYC and Rutgers. Please contact Jay Choe to support for participate.

  • Home Visit/Coffee with Pastor Sam

    If you’d like to grab coffee with Pastor Sam or for a home visit, please contact our admin Jenna Lee!

  • Older Families Covenant Group

    The next Older Families Covenant Group meeting will be on Saturday, November 10 at 6:00 PM. For more information, please contact info@arcolacovenant.org.

  • Intercessory Prayer Team

    If you’d like to be a part of the Intercessory Prayer team, please contact John Suh.

  • Mixed Men’s Covenant Group

    A group of men of all ages from both morning and afternoon services is meeting bi-weekly on Tuesday evenings at 8pm.

  • ACC Outreach Projects

    God calls us not only to take care of our own, but to look beyond ourselves to the needs of others. Our challenge in the next couple of months is to pick and participate in at least one outreach project from the following: Cooking and serving dinner for the homeless,

  • Counseling Support

    ACC has reserved funds to support members of ACC who would like to seek counseling and therapy. If you’d like more information, please contact Pastor Sam.