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We celebrate the blessing we received of having been able to worship outdoors every Sunday in September and October! As the weather turns colder we hope that we can offer in-person worship soon. The ACC Council decided we need a little more time to prepare.

Tomorrow, Sunday 11/1 at 10AM we will be FULLY VIRTUAL. There will be no in-person worship. Please gather with us at:
Look for the red dot indicating the live streaming feed.

The ACC Council and the Re-Entry Planning Team will continue to make the best efforts to provide options for ACC while keeping safety and health a priority. Please keep us in your prayers and thank you for your understanding.

Christ's peace,
Pastor Jonah

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Retreat Registration is Open!

Register for our upcoming retreat scheduled for October 25-27! You must be a registered Realm member in order to register. If you cannot log in or have not registered and haven’t received an invitation, please speak with anyone on the Hospitality committee or contact us at

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  • January 17, 2021
    Being the Epiphany

    from Bishop John Schol

    When we experience our epiphany of God, God uses us to be an epiphany for others. We are able to prepare to be an epiphany by remembering three phrases, “Yay God! Yes God! Yahoo God!” Listen now to find out more!

  • January 10, 2021
    Experiencing Epiphany

    from Bishop John Schol

    God is speaking to you and has a plan for your life. Be open to know and hear God. 3 ways to experience epiphany: observation, quieting, and curiosity.

  • January 3, 2021
    Holding On

    from Rev. Dr. Jonah So

    The disruption to our lives caused by COVID19 caused many of our spiritual lives to stagnate and suffer because of what we have forgotten. We do not want to simply survive; we want to thrive. Listen and found out how we change the trajectory of our spiritual life in 2021!

  • December 27, 2020
    The Word Became Flesh. So What Do We Do Now?

    from John Suh

    Jesus is born. What do we do now? What are the artificial lights in your life burning so bright that it is keeping you from the beauty of the pure spiritual light of Jesus? Is it vanity, is it career, is it envy, is it social media? Let us start dimming those artificial lights little by little so that we can receive the true light that gave light to everyone.

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